“It was a real pleasure to host this team of international professionals and to be able to deal with the topic in the transition from current technologies to 5G.Theoretical downlink speed of this new technology will be 10 gigabit, while the latency (the waiting time is connected to the connection) will drop to a millisecond (from around 20 current).

This means that connection of million of devices per square kilometre, will bring an huge request to the RAN network! So, the Radio Access Network capacity is one of the main problems to be solved: one possible solution comes from multi-beam or multi-sector antennas installation“

said the PhD. Maurizio La Rocca, CEO and founder of laroccasolutions

With the growing capacity & coverage requirements for the fifth-generation (5G) wireless communications and the severe spectrum shortage at conventional cellular frequencies, multi-beam antenna systems,  operating in the millimeter-wave frequency bands, becomes a “simple” plug&play solution.

Principles of operation, design, and implementation, as well as a number of illustrative application examples will be discussed during overall the workshop.

With a complete view of Multi-Beam antennas and their USE CASE, we offer help to any customers to:

  • Discover
  • Understand
  • Analyse
  • Optimize

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